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African Continent

North Africa | Population (2020) - 246,232,518

Name: Algeria

Population: 43.85 million

Leader: President Abdelmadjid Tebboune

Capital city: Algiers

Independence: July 5, 1962 (France)

Official language: Arabic

Interesting fact: Algeria has the highest cost of living in north Africa, Also, has the biggest country. Algeria occupies around 7% of the continent’s territory. 


Name: Morocco

Population: 36.91 million

Leader:  King Mohammed VI

Capital city: Rabat

Independence: March 2, 1956

Official language: Arabic

Interesting fact: Morocco is the largest processor and exporter of sardines in the world, Colorful Morocco is in the first place among the most popular travel spots in Africa. 


Name: Tunisia

Population :11.818 million

Leader: President Kais Saied

Capital city: Tunis

Independence: March 20,1956 (France)

Official language: Arabic

Interesting fact: Tunisia boasts a total of 8 UNESCO World heritage sites including a 6,000 year old amphitheatral 


Name: Mauritania

Population :4.649 million

Leader: President Mohamed Ould

Capital city: Noukchott

Independence: November 28, 1960(France)

Official language: French

Interesting fact: Two third of Mauritania is covered by desert which expands southwards every year 


Name: Libya 

Population: 6.87 million

Leader: Prime minister Fayez al-Sarraj 

Capital city: Tripoli 

Independence:  December 24, !951 (Italy)

Official language:  Arab

Interesting fact: Total land of Libya is 7 times larger than the UK


Name: Egypt

Population: 102,334,404 million

Leader: President  Abdel Fattah el-Sisi

Capital city: Cairo

Independence:  February 28, 1922 (uk)

Official language:  Egyptian Arabic 

Interesting fact: Unwrapped, the bandages of an Ancient Egyptian mummy could stretch for 1.6km


Central Africa Population (2020) - 179,595,134

Name: Cameron

Population: 26.54 million

Leader: President Paul Biya

Capital city: Yaoundé (France)

Independence: January 1 ,1960

Official language: French English

Interesting fact: The unemployment rate in Cameroon stands at just 4%


Name: Equatorial Guinea

Population: 1,4 million

Leader: President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo

Capital city: Malabo

Independence: October 12, 1968 (Spain)

Official language: Spanish, French

Interesting fact: Smallest African country that is a member of the united nations


Name: Gabon

Population: 2.25 million

Leader: President Ali Bongo Ondimba

Capital city: Libreville

Independence:  August 17, 1960 (France)

Official language: French

Interesting fact: Minimum age to vote in Gabon is 21


Name: Sao Tome and Principe

Population: 219,159

Leader: President Manuel Pinto da Costa

Capital city: Sao Tome

Independence: July 12 ,1075 (Portugal)

Official language: Portuguese

Interesting fact: there are around 6 banks in the country


Name: Democratic republic of congo

Population: 89,56 million

Leader: President Félix Tshisekedi

Capital city: Kinhasa

Independence: June 30th ,1960 (France)

Official language: French

Interesting fact: One of the richest countries of the world


Name: Republic of the Congo

Population: 5.5 million

Leader: President Denis Sassou Nguesso

Capital city: Brazzaville

Independence: August 15,1960 (France)

Official language: French, Lingala, Monokutuba

Interesting fact: There are several species of wildlife endemic to Congo including the Bonobo, the closest relative to humans


Name: Chad 

Population:16.425 million

Leader: President Idriss Déby

Capital city: N’Djamena

Independence: August 11,1960 (France)

Official language: French Arabic

Interesting fact: The country is named after Lake Chad the worlds seventeenth largest lake


Name:  Central African Republic

Population: 4.8 million

Leader:  President FaustinArchange Touadéra 

Capital city: Bangul

Independence: August 13,1960 (france)

Official language:  Sango,French

Interesting fact: Residents here are simply known as ‘central africans’

East Africa Population (2020) - 445,405,606

Name:  Burundi

Population: 11.890 million

Leader:  President Évariste Ndayishimiye

Capital city:  Bujumbura

Independence: July 1,1966

Official language:  Kirundi, French

Interesting fact: 90% of the population of Burundi is employed in agriculture


Name:  Kenya

Population: 53,77 million

Leader:  President Uhuru  Kenyatta

Capital city:  Nairobi

Independence: December 12 1963 (uk)

Official language:  English and Swahili

Interesting fact: Kenyas forests contain some of the world’s rarest butterfly species


Name:  Rwanda

Population: 12.95 million

Leader:  President Paul Kagame 

Capital city:  Kigali

Independence: July 1st 1962 (Belgium)

Official language:  French, English

Interesting fact: Plastic bags are not allowed in Rwanda due to the environmental harm they can cause


Name:  Seychelles

Population: 98,34

Leader:  President Wavel Ramkalawan

Capital city: Victoria

Independence: June 29, 1976

Official language: French, English

Interesting fact: The smallest nation in Africa is Seychelles, the worldwide famous luxurious beach holiday destination, occupying 115 islands stretching along the mainland’s eastern coast


Name: Somalia

Population: 16.062 million

Leader:  President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Farmaajo

Capital city:  Mogadishu

Independence: July 1, 1960

Official language:  Somali

Interesting fact: Somalia has the largest coastline on the continent’s mainland, only country in Africa that their borders are formed by Africans. Somalia is least Ethnic people in the world. The median age in Somalia is 16.7 years


Name:  South Sudan

Population: 11.193 million

Leader:  President Salva Kiir Mayardit

Capital city:  Juba

Independence: July 9th 2011 (Sudan)

Official language: English

Interesting fact: World’s newest nation


Name: Sudan

Population: 43.85 million

Leader:  President Omar al Bashir

Capital city: Khartoum

Independence: January 1st 1956

Official language:  Arabic English

Interesting fact: Sudan has one doctor for every 100,00 people


Name: Uganda

Population: 45.74 million

Leader:  President Yoweri  Museveni

Capital city:  Kampala

Independence: October 9, 1962

Official language:  English, Swahili

Interesting fact: Pan fried gras hoppers are one of the countries favourites


Name:  Tanzania

Population: 59.73 million

Leader:  President John Magufuli’s

Capital city:  Dodoma

Independence: December 9,1961

Official language:  Swahili

Interesting fact: The worlds earliest human skull was found in Tanzania


Name:  Ethiopia

Population: 114,96 million

Leader:  President SahleWork Zewde

Capital city:  Addis Ababa

Independence: Apart from a five-year occupation by Italy it has never been colonised

Official language:  Amharic

Interesting fact: Ancient Ethiopian Queens were uniformly named candece


Name:  Eritrea

Population: 3.546 million

Leader:  President Isaias Afwerki 

Capital city:  Asmara

Independence: May 1991 (Ethiopia)

Official language:  No official language

Interesting fact: There are two universities in Eritrea


Name:  Djibouti

Population: 988,00

Leader:  President Ismaïl Omar Guelleh

Capital city:  Djibouti

Independence: June 27 1977

Official language:  French Somali

Interesting fact: Taxi fare increases 50% after sunset


Name:  Comoros

Population: 869,601

Leader:  President Azali Assoumani

Capital city:  Moroni

Independence: July 6th 1975

Official language:  French, Comorian, Arabic

Interesting fact: Worlds second largest producer of vanilla

West Africa | Population (2020) - 401,861,254

Name: Benin

Population: 12.123 million

Leader: President Patrice Talon 

Capital city: Porto-Novo

Independence: August 1,1960

Official language: French

Interesting fact: The national sport is soccer.


Name: Guinea

Population: 13.132 million

Leader: President Alpha Condé

Capital city: Conakry

Independence: October 2, 1958

Official language: French

Interesting fact: around 60% of the land in Guinea is classier as woodland or forest


Name:  Guinea- Bissau

Population: 1.97 million

Leader President: Umaro Sissoco Embaló

Capital city: Bissau

Independence: September 24, 1973

Official language: Portuguese

Interesting fact:Guinea- Bissau is the world’s sixth- largest producer of cashew nuts.


Name: Liberia

Population: 5.1 million

Leader: President George  Weah 

Capital city: Monrovia

Independence: July 26,1847

Official language: English

Interesting fact: The giant African snail, a delicacy in west Africa is often sold at roadsides.


Name: Mali

Population: 17.99 million

Leader: President Bah Ndaw

Capital city: Bamako

Independence: June 20, 1960

Official language: French

Interesting fact: The national drink is sweet tea, which is served.


Name: Niger

Population: 24.206 million

Leader: President Mahamadou Issoufou

Capital city: France

Independence: August 3, 1960

Official language: French

Interesting fact: A Dinosaur discovered in Niger, that roamed around the earth for 115 million years was renamed Nigersauraus.


Name: Nigeria

Population: 206,139,589 million

Leader: President Muhammadu Buhari

Capital city: Abuja

Independence: October 1,1960

Official language: English

Interesting fact: Nollywood generates around 2,500 movies a year making it second biggest film producer in the world.


Name: Senegal

Population: 16.74 million

Leader: president Macky Sall

Capital city: Dakar

Independence: June 20,1960

Official language: French

Interesting fact: in Senegal, some taxis have artificial tail, made of goat hear which supposedly brings good luck.


Name: Togo

Population: 8.278 million

Leader: president Faure Gnassingbé

Capital city: lome

Independence: April 27, 1961

Official language: french

Interesting fact: Togo means ‘house of sea’ In the Ewe Language. Ewe people are the largest ethnic group in the country.


Name: Sierra Leone

Population: 7.97 million

Leader: president Julius Maada Bio

Capital city: Freetown

Independence: April 27,1961

Official language: English

Interesting fact: Bones, particularly those chickens are a Sierra Leonean delicacy.


Name: Ghana

Population: 31.07 million

Leader: President Nana AkufoAddo

Capital city:Accra

Independence: March 6. 1957

Official language: English

Interesting fact: The star in the country’s flag was adopted from Marcus Garavey’s Black star line steam ship company.


Name: The Gambia

Population: 2.416 million

Leader: President Adama Barrow

Capital city: Banjul

Independence: February 18,1955

Official language: English

Interesting fact: In 1964, the prime minister of The Gambia said that one of the reasons they like to have ‘the’ in their name is to avoid confusion with Zambia.


Name: The Ivory Coast

Population: 26.378 million

Leader: President Alassane Ouattara 

Capital city: Yamoussoukro

Independence: August 7, 1960

Official language: French

Interesting fact: The Ivory Coast has the largest put church in the world.


Name: Cape Verde

Population: 555,987

Leader: President Jorge Carlos Fonseca

Capital city: Praia

Independence: July 5th, 1975

Official language: Portuguese

Interesting fact: It is said that the island has one goat for every two people.


Name: Burkina Faso

Population: 20.903 million

Leader: President Roch Marc Christian Kaboré

Capital city: Ouagadougou

Independence: august 5,1960

Southern Africa | Population (2020) - 67,503,635

Name: Angola

Population: 32.87 million

Leader: President João  Lourenço

Capital city: Luanda

Independence: November 11, 1975

Official language: Portuguese

Interesting fact: After 27 years of civil and war, there was a shortage of men in the country.


Name: Malawi

Population:19.129 million

Leader: President Lazarus  Chakwera 

Capital city: Lilongwe

Independence: July 6, 1964

Official language: English

Interesting fact: The earliest human settlements date back to 50,000- 60,000 years ago.


Name:  Mauritius

Population:1.27 million

Leader: president Prithvirajsing Roopun

Capital city:Port Louis

Independence: March 12, 1968

Official language: no official language

Interesting fact:Mauritius boxer, Bruno Jule won his first Olympic medal in the 2008 summer olympics.


Name: South Africa

Population: 58.91 million

Leader: President Cyril Ramaphosa

Capital city: Pretoria

Independence: May 31,1910

Official language: no official language

Interesting fact: South Africa is responsible for the generation of 2/3 of the continent’s electricity. South Africa is the second place among the most popular travel spots in Africa.


Name: Swaziland

Population: 1.3 million

Leader: King Mswati

Capital city: Lobama

Independence: September 6, 1968

Official language: Swati, English

Interesting fact: Swaziland is the last absolute monarchy in Africa.


Name: Zambia

Population: 18.383 million

Leader: President Edgar Lungu

Capital city: Lusaka

Independence: October 24, 1964

Interesting fact: There are 72 languages spoken in Zambia.


Name: Namibia

Population: 2.45 million

Leader: President Hage  Geingob

Independence: March 21, 1990

Official language: English

Interesting fact:Namibia is one of the only two countries that don’t have elephants.


Name:  Mozambique

Population: 31.26 million

Leader: President Filipe Nyusi

Capital city:Maputo

Independence: June 25, 1975

Official language: Portuguese

Interesting fact: Half the people in Mozambique are under 17


Name: Madagascar

Population: 27.69 million

Leader: president Andry Rajoelina

Capital city: Antananarivo

Independence: June 26,1960

Official language: french

Interesting fact: Bare Knuckle fighting is a sport.


Name: Lesotho

Population: 2.14 Million

Leader: King Letsie 

Capital city: Maseru

Independence: October 4, 196

Official language: English

Interesting fact: Lesothos has one of the smallest roads ever.


Name: Botswana

Population:2.35 million

Leader: President Mokgweetsi  Masisi 

Capital city: Gaborone

Independence: September 30,1966

Official language: English

Interesting fact: Botswana has the richest diamond mine.


Name: Zimbabwe

Population: 14.86 million

Leader: President Emmerson  Mnangagwa

Capital city: Harare

Independence: April 18, 1980

Official language: 16 official languages, including English, Chewa and Chibarwe

Interesting fact: Zimbabwe means ‘great house of stones’ in the local Chishona languag