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  • Breaking down cultural barriers
  • Reducing gun and knife crime
  • Creating community cohesion and resilience
  • Building trusting relationships
  • Addressing mental health and wellbeing and
  • Creating awareness for the opportunities available within the business community

Change comes at a price

Our Vision

Our vision, linking to our mission, is to see the African Diaspora community with sufficient man-power and the means to support itself in the pursuit of developing social, political and economic success in the community.

Core Values

Diversity – We want to provide a positive environment where our differences are valued to contributing to innovative schemes, the promotion of creativity and maximising individual potential. This value is upheld within our organisation as well as in all of our programmes.

Cohesion – The ADF stands for inclusiveness – we desire to see truly inclusive approaches towards the community. The ADF would like to see African communities represented in the power-holding offices of the UK – at both a local level and a national level. We aim to see a mutual respect between the different communities in the UK and normalise African representation in positions of power.

Culture – The ADF strives to provide Milton Keynes with a series of festivals and workshops to educate the African Diaspora, their friends, and the extended communities of Milton Keynes with the history of African culture. We also talk about how we can promote African culture in the present and talk about the future of African culture within Milton Keynes, the Diaspora, and the world. 

Celebration – The ADF aims to provide the Diaspora with the right tools, platforms, and equipment (such as instruments and costumes) to make their voices heard and to gain visibility for their talents. We hope this will lead to positive African influence in the community. We want the Diaspora to take the lead in creating positive ways in which to celebrate their culture and use the resources we can provide.

Our mission

Put simply, our key, core mission is to empower the local African Diaspora and provide positive education about the Diaspora to help with the development of the community. We want to provide a positive environment where the Diaspora can maximise its potential. In addition, we aim to provide knowledge and networks to help promote the Diaspora’s cause.

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