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ADF Festival


The ADF makes Campbell Park in Milton Keynes a focal point for culturally diverse celebration, with a family friendly festival.



ADF workshops for culture and heritage-based education to strengthen relationships within families, organisation and communities.



Motivating young people to participate in community life, to develop social skills and prepare for a bright future.

Stay in Touch

We send out news updates about matters concerning African diaspora and friends quarterly  

Community Fund Raising

Fundraising is extremely important to us at the ADF as it enables us to put on a wide variety of events and session with the aim to creating community cohesion, promoting diversity and giving positive education to members of the diaspora and beyond – ADF backbones. In addition, fundraising has supported the African Diaspora during the Covid-19 pandemic as well as through other tough times that have shaken the community to the core. 

Language Challenge

All those that register to take part will provide the names of these animals in one African language.  

Our diverse team